A few from 2008

The horizon
does not seem
big enough,
the Earth
deep enough,
the sky
high enough...

For Ray's heart.

     Shirlaws USA 2008 Client Conference!
     San Francisco © Fubruary 28, 2008

One day,
when he manages
to drill clear through the Earth
exiting China's crust
and by sheer momentum
shoot into space
and, accelerating
past our gravity,
hit another planet
Bruce will,
if you care,
call to report.

    * Steve M's First 50th Birthday!*
     Minneapolis © October 4, 2008

drives a speedboat
in an auto race...
ties herself
to a tree in a tornado...
lies in a garden
to listen to the flowers...

Ask Lolo.
     Beny's 30th Birthday Party!*
     San Francisco *©* February 16, 2008

One-hundred arrows,
no, one-thousand
pierce Lee.

binding with his blood
all one-thousand,
he launches
them back
as one.

   *  Wall Street Journal's Man on the Street!*
     San Francisco *©* July 20, 2008

says she's trouble...!

Rieky's Mother
says she's a *saint...!
Ricky is, in fact,
a human being.

In other words,
*a trouble-making saint...!

     Simayof's Holiday!
     San Francisco © January 31, 2008

*Jim's brow

Planting season
or worry?

you bloom
you'll know
the answer.

     National Automobile Dealers Association
     San Francisco *©* February 9, 2008