A few from 2004

The Dalai Lama
is a sham!

Seek not the truth
from Greenspan!

The true road
to liberation
was paved
by Hap!

          The Wedding Begins!
          Engagement Party, Cupertino © October 18, 2004

a dark blue line

the starry sky
the dusk?

a Rothko

a vein of
lapis lazuli?


           *J & W *
           Wedding Reception, Minneapolis © June 12, 2004

If Nancy's eyes
could lick...

The entire world
would be wet...

          The California Academy of Sciences' The Staff Parties!
          Holiday Party, San Francisco © December 20, 2004

Raise the handle
and plunge!
Over and over!
The result?
Whipped cream!

Invite all the world leaders
to meet!
Over and over!
The result?
World peace!

Laugh with Bibi!
Over and over!
The result?
Whipped cream and world peace!

          M's Multiple Birthdays Bash
          Birthday Party, Cupertino © September 17, 2004

asks the big
of life
as gently
as the grandfather
the river
on stones...

But unlike
the grandfather
you can hear
Dennis laughing
when he falls in...

          Disguise Your Eyes: A Masked Ball at City Hall
          CA Academy of Sciences' Ball, San Francisco © May 14, 2004

won't be whipped
or lassoed
or haltered
or saddled...

You, however,
are a different

          The Local Patorn Holiday Shop's Opening Night!
          Grand Opening, San Francisco © December 3, 2004

Bond tried
too hard...

took himself
too seriously...

Sterling Hayden
too rough hewn...

If you truly wish
to be stirred
not shaken,
with Eddie.

          *Aboard the Wakashan
*          Private Party, San Rafael © June 21, 2004